A group of mobile phone icon design tutorial LOGO Beijing designer, awesome

App logo mobile phone interface design these awesome are from Beijing designer See logo hand. Thank you for sharing with SEE.
Every APP logo design is very beautiful, personalized, creative. Jun Jun selected 6 very different attributes of APP logo refactoring design.

Appreciate the designer of the logo design skills. The shape of each icon, the logo design, and the auxiliary line are perfect. Very convenient logo design for beginners to copy and reference.

Skin design of a group of APP icons


1, call the APP Logo Icon Design

Phone icon logo design


2, set the icon of logo design

Set Logo Icon Design


3 、 alarm clock icon logo design

Clock icon logo design

4 、 WeChat logo reappearance design

WeChat Logo Icon Design

5, camera logo design

Camera icon logo design


6, email mailbox design

Email mailbox icon logo design

Beijing logo designer SEE’s wave network address: https://dribbble.com/SEE

Designers share a lot of good quality design works, which are examples of our learning.



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