APP visual packaging interface design, is your best work interview resume

In some cases, the design of the APP packaging interface to the interviewer, you will have a lot of chances to succeed in the interview. At least people will be interested in you. This is just the personal view of the 25 schools.

For many small partners, how to package their own APP design works, it is not difficult, the previous 25 schools share a lot of APP packaging design draft and APP packaging design materials.

Today, the 25 school Xiaobian continue to offer 2 sets of very fashionable and very atmospheric APP packaging interface design draft. Such APP packaging design draft can be regarded as a template. You can package your own APP directly in accordance with such design processes and design elements.

The first set of APP visual interface design

APP case name: luxury goods sinks APP

APP packaging design case



Second sets of APP visual interface design

According to APP own industry and brand characteristics, bold application of industry attribute design elements to package APP. The following is the fashion magazine APP packaging design appreciation.

APP packaging design for fashion design


APP packaging design process reference:

1, design concept

2, logo design (APPlogo design)

3, color collocation

4, icon design

5. Product prototype drawing or flow chart display

6. Part of the visual interface design

7 、 APP application scene design

8, summary or comment in one sentence

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