Let designers play inspiration collection of a APP – square collection of APP

A special collection of design inspiration and design knowledge dry APP recommended by Mr. Ye Jun, Fang Fang collects APP

Many times get the most beautiful applications, AppSo, love fan children, minority software, weapons, minority and other well-known media strongly recommended


More importantly, the entire APP interface design is very simple and easy to operate. Real time synchronization with online web / computer browser version. Knowledge, notes, easy to share. Don’t worry about my collection of cool design and design inspiration is gone.

Below is the square piece collection APP app store screenshot:

Collecting app by square film

Through video tutorials, tell us what APP is collecting




Netizen comments:

I’m a designer. I need to record trends and design inspiration every day. I like it very much. Page is also my favorite style! By no artist Mr.

Square collection: advocating minimalism on the operation, and sharing the page is very beautiful!Tim Green by


APP Product Name: square chips collect APP

Changsha Zhi Zhi Network Technology Co., Ltd.

APP download official website: funp.in


Fang Group focuses on optimizing the user experience, strengthening the product grinding, hoping to establish a good reputation and increase the amount of users.

In earnings, arrangement and classification platform is currently doing content, the latter will be the product platform, open quality content sharing community, allowing users to share content and essence of re creation; in addition, also includes advertising revenue and future oriented enterprise knowledge base construction business.

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