Six small and beautiful Chinese wind APP appreciation, strong Chinese style design

Recently, several APP design partners have been very active in their discussions on the APP design style of the Chinese wind, the Chinese style APP that they liked and commented on.

So, today’s 25 school Xiaobian to discuss and love the Chinese wind APP finishing, share to you.

Before we shared an excellent case for APP designers to learn and refer to: the daily the Imperial Palace APP and the 4 Chinese style mobile APP interface design works to appreciate.

Continue to share with you five very representative small and beautiful Chinese wind APP, strong Chinese style design style, fun and fun interaction, let a person fondle admiringly.


The first Chinese wind APP: ink note (An Zhuoban)

Ink pen APP is a Material Design design style and Chinese wind perfect combination of APP case.

Note app ink is a China wind with Notepad, the entire interface theme is China ink style, antique look, little drops of life can be recorded. At the same time, the software is compact, easy to use and simple, which is the best helper for you to remember things.




Second types of Chinese wind APP: mortise and tenon APP

The function of mortise and tenon App is to display some interesting structure of wood by 3D model, so that users can observe and study it from different angles. At present, mortise tenon App has 27 mortise and tenon structures which can be checked, and provides 15 mortise and tenon structure of 18 yuan pay unlock.

Mortise and tenon App

Mortise tenon is a traditional Chinese wood structure joining method, concave and mortise, convex tenon.

This miracle in the history of human craft is now faithfully restored by 3D images, combining the separated animation so that the user can see every detail of mortise and tenon.

With the classical music, as if sitting in an old master side, touch the polished wood, listening to the old mysteries Weiweidaolai mortise and tenon.


Third Chinese wind APP: eating tea APP

App Store page recommends eating tea APP, from the hands of Chaozhou Guangmei graduates, App Designer: Ke Shuling.

As an out and out, her love to the friends of tea, laughing.
“Tea” is the first custom Chaoshanese concierge hospitality, “free food tea” (free tea) is the Chaoshan people’s hospitality.

JIA DEI, dedicated to the friends who love tea.


Tea APP store download address:

Https:// Mt=8



Fourth Chinese wind APP: vegetarian APP

Prime note app

“Remember” is the Chinese people in the development of a simple and rustic diary software, support iCloud synchronization, offline notes, set a variety of fonts and other practical functions, software also provides various stationery and notebook display, diary reminder function allows you to keep a diary every day, seemingly simple, actually do you need most the diary can do.

Prime note app2

In APP interface is very plain, no extra color and pattern, open is a white background simple calligraphy fonts, no publicity. A long string of “wait” characters on the main interface indicate that it is waiting for you to add content, and you can always pull the picture down. If you have written a diary before, you can browse it one by one in time order until the day’s diary ends.



Fifth Chinese style APP: word CI app

The word “Ci” is an auxiliary tool and general Ci lyrics, enjoy App, “Ci” is not divided by name content, but with 85 commonly used cipai name word classification. Select the cipai, users can see the cipai famous works and the rhythm of the explanation.

In the interface, the materialized paper looks very texture, and the other is the interactive animation, such as the swing, magnification, conversion of the paper, etc., are very delicate.

It is worth mentioning that this application is a beauty, a person completed the design from the product, writing code, design interface of the entire process, very impressive.




Sixth: APP APP China wind fan

“Fans” this application is such a good opportunity, so that we can in the history of the ancients to sit down and play with fans, enjoy the painting and poetry, listen to birds insects into the mountains, choose bamboo, hands-on fan!

The application of combining traditional and high-tech perfect folding, APP is called a mobile fan museum. Is also one of the most beautiful Chinese wind APP.



APP store download address: Mt=8

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