One key to watermark APP recommendation: Retouch, go watermark master and fast go watermark APP

Mobile app application tools have been integrated into our daily life, whether it is work, sun micro-blog, sun friends circle, will be forwarded some Mito, product drawings, etc..

It will also involve some need to watermark operation and matting, to the scene of debris.

Today, 25 schools dedicated to recommend three good one key to watermark APP.


The first one to watermark APP:TouchRetouch (foreign toll version)

Particularly good, but also a buckle chart app, and save the picture will not be compressed, the quality is very good. At the same time, TouchRetouch also known as netizens can easily master matting, will need to pull out of the object or scene in the operation, relatively easy to start.



IOS APP store download address:

Https:// L=en& mt=8

Android download address:




Second key to watermark APP: to watermark master app – to watermark & remove passers-by & remove debris

Supports the following functions:
4. support to share WeChat, circle of friends, QQ, and saved to the album.

Watermark master app

App store download address:

Https:// Mt=8


Third key to watermark APP: fast to watermark APP

Flagship to video watermarking of a APP.

To video watermark, go to micro-blog WeChat circle of friends video and image watermark, a key operation, save to album. Four methods of Image Watermarking: searching for original, cutting, covering graffiti, advanced algorithm processing. There’s always one for you.

To video watermark: just in the watermark to the place to draw box marked, and then click the process can save the album, the effect is good.
Fast watermark APPApp store download address: Mt=8

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