Three visual and interactive designs, great constellation social APP recommendations [including product research]

Recently, the school has seen a message that China’s single population has broken 200 million, which means that the single market is huge. So, the school gentleman came to recommend four good constellation social APP for singles. Both visual and interactive are great APP.

In addition to learning the interactive elements of APP design, you can also experience the social enjoyment of singles brought by constellation society.


The first is the constellation APP social APP- constellation, which was recently recommended by the 25 school, recently renamed radio wave

Constellation city APP new revision, officially renamed “radio wave””
Brand new social form and visual design

Before the 25 schools to share: friends circle forwarding constellation analysis of long chart mobile phone app

New design of radio wave APP

Provide a variety of interesting gameplay related signs, can be fired for her waves, know more interesting friends.

In this virtual world, hidden destined to the fate of radio waves, through constellation matching, in the vast universe, find interesting friends.

In the galaxy “waves”, send up with sound and pictures, waves will be within 24 hours for you, through the analysis of the relationship between disc and constellation, see the three typical, quickly transform Liao Ta routine

Anytime, anywhere, voice, wheat, happy chat until dawn.

Isn’t it a big wave?

APP store download address: Mt=8

Radio wave APP new official website design:


Second constellation social APP recommendation: Mocha constellation APP

Mocha constellation – discover constellation fun gameplay, quickly become constellation people

To Mocha, discover new constellations, quickly become constellations, find friends with my constellation, let constellation become a new bridge to communicate with each other.

Mocha constellation

The biggest characteristic is “constellation cat – expression package Stickers” is created by Mocha constellation exclusive constellation image, which contains a variety of twelve constellations of practical and interesting expressions, so that you are invincible in the fight chart.

There are lots of playful and lovely constellation cat expressions in Mocha constellation APP.

Constellation cat pack

Mocha official website: belonging to Vienna mutual Entertainment (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd’s APP products.

In 2015, Mocha constellation got about 3000000 angel financing. Good development. App store is also the first APP to search for social networking.

More importantly, the company currently operates three constellation related APP: Mocha constellation APP, star show faction APP and constellation cat APP.


Third constellations social APP recommend: NowNow noisy witch shop

Constellation is a way of life”.

The witch shop APP analyzes the daily and weekly fortunes of the twelve constellations, including luck analysis, lucky colors, lucky numbers, lucky items and so on, and points out who is lucky for you this week and beware of the constellation.

Daily constellations

This APP is not a constellation knowledge popularization book, but to predict your daily, weekly fortune, noisy to help you analyze and solve problems that may arise in life.

APP store download address: Mt=8


The following 25 small school with you when the product APP to share social constellation construction and demand analysis:
1) product positioning.

The social App with the theme of constellation, the semi familiar relationship with two degrees and three degrees of interpersonal relationship.

2) user groups.

“Post-80s” and “post-90s” young people, especially female groups. The users here are not only labeled with different constellations, but also the social subjects with different social identities.
3) use scenarios.

Any scene under the daily fragmentation time, can be pushed forward in the morning and evening.

4) emotional appeal.

Curiosity, sense of belonging, vanity and so on.
5) product features.

The core function is constellation analysis, buddy matching recommendation, chat window, offline active entrance.

Extended functions include constellation knowledge sharing, friend birthday reminder, good morning &amp, good night reminder, star constellation guide.
6) product promotion.

In the campus promotion and real name social platform layout tenderness promotion oriented, with the organization as the unit moved to the user.
7) profit model.

Is a different constellation of people of different personality traits, the APP is a different constellation of people gathered together, and through the influence of the same constellation of group members and horoscope analysis will be user characteristics of strengthening and curing, while the qualitative character into consumer characteristics, using the App platform. Access to electricity providers and group purchase site entrance, this is the idea of the profit App;

The two is to find a breakthrough from the line, not only to seize the opposite sex social, and seize the group activities. Heterosexual society provides users with only a platform, may be in the realization of a strong friend relationship, more communication behavior is achieved online. Therefore, it is necessary to create online and offline theme activities, relying on online absorption participants, relying on offline activities to maintain the user’s online communication activity.

Offline activities will develop to the later stage, and if you can integrate resources such as dating sites, restaurants, tourism, entertainment and leisure industries, you can also bring considerable benefits.


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