Let product manager and project PM lie in bed and draw mind map APP – Mindly

When you see such a title, you will feel that the current mind map APP is too powerful, anytime, anywhere can work.

The APP product manager, project PM, and even the boss, who have a tight schedule or a heavy workload, can lie in bed and draw mind maps on their way home or at rest.

Today, 25 schools recommend to you such a convenient drawing mind map of the APP – Mindly


The biggest characteristic is Mindly mind map in the small fresh, draw out the flow chart, wireframe, structure diagram is good-looking ~ good-looking ~ good-looking.

Just like a song, Mindly helps you organize your little universe. Let you deconstruct your ideas, capture your inspiration, plan your speech, and take notes. It’s all up to you. Your universe, you decide.

APP - Mindly for drawing mind maps

Through this kind of mind mapping tool training or frequently used, we can make our thinking more flexible! You can quickly draw a prototype or structure diagram in your mind. Communicate and communicate with customers and team more quickly.

APP2 - Mindly for drawing mind maps

Mindly can add Emoji emoticons, icons, pictures, and hyperlinks to a single item. Emoji personal feelings are tasteless, adding pictures and links is useful in some scenarios. When you organize your thoughts, you may not have only a few figures, but you may also include some web materials and pictures.

This time it’s very convenient to use Mindly built-in browser, it will explain the URL thumbnail added to the map, the next double-click on the picture can jump directly to the added address, these two functions make Mindly have some data indexing effect.

I think it’s the biggest charm of mobile Mindly. Drawing simple mind maps is very fast.


Of course, Mindly is a little bit less convenient, and doesn’t support direct scaling of mind maps, and scaling by clicking on the upper left corner. View button hidden in a menu. If an item is to adjust the hierarchy subordination, it can only be deleted, and the node can be deleted by dragging the node to the black spots below.


Mind map APP Mindly:

In general, there is no local zoom from the current element view to the current element diagram, and only the element initial graph can be returned, but only with two layers of structure, and the other layers are hidden. And even if you can switch the graph, you can only cut to the overall interface of the guide map, not practical. The most important thing is, I like the original form of graphics, and this element view feels better. This software is a graph that takes up the circle pattern of the element view, so the map can only be a circle.


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