Discover good APP: an interactive comparison of two super powerful image markup tools APP

Today, the 25 school Xiaobian to share with you, recommend some good and good-looking APP. The theme of this issue is the recommendation and comparison of the most powerful image markup tool APP.

Today is PK 2 APP: iMark and Annotable



1,Annotable — the ultimate image annotation tool

First look at netizens comments:

Annotable has been one of my favorite picture tagging software, mobile phones must install software, no one! I hope the author will develop better and more practical functions, praise!

The official website called Annotable is the most complete “N in one” image annotation tool.

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Apple store won the 2016 annual selection of APP. Very good image markup tool.


2, * 015


Is a cute + powerful + super easy to use image marker applications, from the album, map import pictures, provide a variety of tools, marking styles, supporting the history of logo management, layer management, cutting, custom color and other advanced functions, perfect picture export function.

Screenshot of imark-APP



Two picture markup tools interactive summary: iMark easier to use, Annotable more relaxed.


In the process of using small, you can find both a totally different design concept: iMark is more concerned about the ease of use and reduce the use difficulty, and Annotable wants to keep the picture as the main body of the refreshing interface, as far as possible to weaken the tool interface elements presence.


First, every design choice is a realistic projection of ideas

There are three most obvious manifestations of this difference:

1) the choice of tagging tools;

2) the difference of application hierarchy between the two;

3) different ways to export pictures;




1) the choice of tagging tools

Let’s talk about the choice of the most commonly used tagging tools. IMark (left) is divided into three layers: – style – attribute set, through the bottom of the Tab column in the form of a level to stack up. In other words, you can see all of the available tagging tools and styles at any time.

Annotable (right) and before the impression notes produced punctuate like, it will be the basic tools in iMark style and merged into a single region on the top right corner, and the property is placed in the lower left corner, the level of the relationship between the two, and not so intuitive iMark. Annotable defaults to only the tools and settings that are currently in use, leaving as many areas as possible to show the picture. But correspondingly, if you need to switch different annotation tools, you need to open the lower left corner or the lower right corner to switch, increasing the complexity of the operation.



2) the difference of application hierarchy between the two

In addition to tagging tools and different ways of interaction, iMark and Annotable in the entire application of the hierarchical structure also has a big difference. In order to ease usability, iMark does not divide the graph selection and annotation into two interfaces. The first icon of the bottom toolbar is the gallery to be marked or the entrance of the camera. In order to ensure the design concept of picture as the main body, Annotable hides the superfluous elements of the interface as much as possible. It divides the map selection and annotation picture into two interfaces before and after. After entering the application, it seems to open the phone album, you have to choose a picture or take pictures, and then jump into the marked interface.


3) different ways to export pictures

In exporting pictures, you can see that iMark makes more optimizations for ease of use. In Annotable (left), the picture is derived directly point out the upper right corner, will call the system Action Sheet. IMark (right) is derived in the picture of this step, switching to a new single. This time you don’t need any additional operation, iMark has automatic annotation of the current picture is saved to the album, and in the interface, also provides fast to share various social networking platform of the button, you can click “more” to bring up the system level Action Sheet.




In addition, I believe you see, iMark also provides two small functions: size and border. In size, you can choose the quality and size of the exported picture, and even customize the canvas size. And the border provides three styles, and you can also understand a way to add watermarks to the picture.





Two. There is no perfect product in the world
However, both the current design, there are also some places worthy of improvement.

IMark on iPhone Plus this 5.5 inch model, you can one-time bottom all the tools are exposed, but the screen is smaller, you need to slide left and right to select tools.

The problem with Annotable is that some of the designs emphasize too much on minimization. For example, every time you switch the callout tool, the selected tool disappears from the options, causing the entire list item to change, which is confusing. Switching different styles of the same type tool also requires additional operations, although the new version allows all tools to be displayed in the setup options, but goes to the other extreme: exposing a lot of options also makes people feel at a loss.


The difference of interaction between them is essentially the difference between their design ideas and their goals.

Annotable: in order to ensure the immersive experience in the process of image annotation, while keeping neat, at the same time, sacrificing part of the convenience.

IMark: by reducing the interface jump, exposing various operating elements, as much as possible to reduce the operation steps and other measures to reduce the difficulty of starting, in terms of ease of use has a better experience, but the interface is relatively complex.


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