Page design good sense of electricity supplier app recommend: Fruit library APP

As an excellent APP designer, we often go to app store, or find some relatively good design APP to browse and browse, but also can help us to enhance the aesthetic and open the design ideas.

Today, 25 schools want to recommend a page with you, good design of the electricity supplier app, called fruit library APP

Last year, the 25 school shared 10 highly mobile classic APP design works to appreciate one of them, APP.



Today, the main character is sharingThe library APP fruit library website:Http://

Fruit library APP Icon

“Fruit library” helps you discover the most interesting, popular and practical good products on the Internet, so that you can easily and easily buy the good goods you need. With the standard selection and aesthetic style, develop the elite vision and imagine life.

Users are such comments: 011.



At the same time, the library APP also conveys us a style of life attitude.

“APP” is not only the fruit base, sleep early and late afternoon coffee companion, can be more personal mastery of the elite consumer guide, the most convenient and high quality living.


Here is to say why the 25 school recommend fruit library APP, from the design point of view:

First point:Fruit library APP visual APP interface design is really good, product classification, color page layout is desirable.

Second point:The new gadgets that are shared on fruit library APP are all quality products, and they are highly designed and creative. See these things every day, but also make our eyes.

Third pointsNo matter is the product manager, entrepreneur, the APP’s success, there are other outsourcing platform billing to imitation such a app. Certainly this app product thinking, design ideas, operating channels are good. Mobile app products that are worth studying and downloading.

Selection is the key. In particular, this boutique shopping guide APP, more close to the user’s heart, win the user’s eye.

Whether it’s competitive or reference, it’s a great APP.


Finally, attached to the library APP IOS download address: Mt=8


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