A general APP and recognize flower grass flora for general addictive color APP

Today the 25 schools share is a general flora in the App store page recommended for general and addictive flora

– color APP


Take pictures of plants, and you’ll know the names and meanings of plants in a second.

Main uses:

1. color calls for intelligent robots and general flower plant identification master, let you understand the flower identification flower without sorrow, grief

2. color map plant, flowers and flowers in full bloom to navigate the global attractions, a plant for free

3. beautiful plant wallpaper, succulents, flower gardening conservation community … in the plant world, listen to the secret of plants

image and colour

The “color” APP currently offers iOS and Android versions. Users can use the “color” photo upload a picture of plant, can give the name of the plant in 1~3 seconds and meaning. There are experts, maps, attractions, plants flowers, plant community, plant selection of beautiful wallpaper and other functions APP, fully meet the needs of plant enthusiasts, at the same time, page design is fresh and simple, green seductive, won the best design award peasecod. Such a charming APP, Wen Qing and his parents just don’t love it too much!

The following is the main form of APP.

image and colour


“Color” since the line, relying on word of mouth strong, get a lot of parents and young plant lovers love. “Color”, open the store comments, everyone is very sincere praise:

“Used by the Microsoft color, color recognition on the leading, most of the plants can correctly identify the daily. The markings on the map are fun to see and share with other people around them. The overall relatively small, fresh, people feel very comfortable. Hope that the degree of recognition is higher and higher, the better the better.” – the cat’s last ember

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