A highly recommended and highly priced APP recommendation – poison APP

This is the week 25 school Xiaobian to share a very good APP, praised by many netizens praise too much value and too much Biger content, electricity supplier shopping guide APP – poison APP, really like the name, this is too toxic!

Poison APP

A lot of fresh meat has been put down to poison APP.



Let’s take a look at the identity information of the poison APP:

Poison app is a fashion brand shopping client application, poison daily selected for you a large number of high-quality goods, let you find the latest fashion items, you know, and will regularly launch new test activities, let you free experience, very convenient and practical.

Poison APP collects watches, tools, clothing, food, sports, toys, video, stationery and other necessary columns. A station to meet your Enjoy of good things, do not download N APP. Enjoy life Keep Impassioned!

The interface of poison APP

From: Gewu Zhicheng (Beijing) Information Technology Co. Ltd.

Official website: www.duwu.mobi

The latest version of the current 2.3.0 size: 44.5 MB


Poison APP slogan:

Poison APP long piercing eye, help you know, not reliable businesses not to enter, there are goods necessary things on the shelves, shopping at.

Overall, the poison APP visual style is very good, APP product classification is also very good, very cool interactive design experience.

For example, such a small detail is worth learning:

When users browse too many screens in the home page, the first icon of the label bar will become inverted triangle, and the copy becomes back top, and then it can return to the first screen after click. Mom doesn’t have to worry anymore. I click on the notification bar to go back to the first screen. Back to the home page common practice, but also in the lower right corner of the page appears a suspension icon, click back to top.

As shown in the following picture:

Poison APP interactive design details

Of course, more poison, APP, fun places, worth digging, and if you find poison APP design and interaction, there is something worth learning, please share it! 25 school, thank you very much for your sharing.


APP store download address: https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/id1052995351


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