The best painting on the mobile side APP – SketchBook

See the SketchBook in the title, are you familiar with it? Have you ever used it? Did you have a surprise?

In fact, SketchBook has become the best painting and sketching software used by mobile artists on the mobile side. You can use your mobile phone App to figure out how beautiful you want to be. Of course, the former 25 schools also shared the three paintings that friends who like painting can not miss, APP


More important is through the sketchbook mobile phone software draw illustration design works on the tall!


SketchBook-app Icon


Here is the SketchBook APP icon. Is it very image?

APP download address: Mt=8

Android version SketchBook download address:

Here is the use of SketchBook app users draw works appreciate.


SketchBook-app SketchBook-app painting

SketchBook-app screenshot


SketchBook is an intuitive drawing APP tailored to all skill levels of painting enthusiasts. It’s divided into free edition and pro charging version.

The APP re conceived the painting engine, and now SketchBook offers more fluent pencils and more natural drawings than ever before, while keeping the interface clean and simple. Through SketchBook, you can see all things (whenever and wherever possible ideas from the smallest to the largest acquisition clumsy in penmanship) to a position.


KetchBook Pro mobile phone professional edition is a new generation of natural drawing software, software interface and moving novel, powerful, hand-painted lifelike imitation, brush tool for pencil, brush, Mark pen, drawing pen, watercolor pen, oil pen gun, select custom interface, user-friendly design.




In addition, here, 25 schools need to tell you about professional terms. The painting on the mobile phone is not a mouse operation, but a finger. Finger painting.

For finger painting, the key is the flexibility of your wrist, the tip of your finger as a pen point. Only in this way can you draw a smooth line with your finger, and finally make a perfect picture.

If you do not have the basic painting, 25 school suggest that you can start from the sketch.

Sketch is the basis of painting, lines, sense of volume, light and shade, structure are based on sketch, if you learn to sketch, you can take a lot of detours. The second is to observe more, the comic is to observe more, observe the paintings of others, and then sum up their own methods.



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