An online office platform of SaaS – free and romantic with dodge APP

This is the 25 school this week recommend to you a new way of work, more free, more romantic and more efficient online office SaaS platform than SOHO family. Detail from Beijing culture media Co. Ltd. a mobile APP product.


This is a APP that lets remote work become a way. It’s also a APP for us APP designers to make money.

A dodge APP

A dodge APP- from recruitment to recruitment, assignment, salaries of one-stop online office platform of SaaS, the network office concept, online interview, direct hire, team work, until the payment of salaries to complete the online service system.

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Some people say: the Dodge APP platform is very good.

Talent management is very good, quickly find the right remote talent.

For skilled people, they can serve more than one enterprise and earn more money.

From the point of view of APP design, the APP design optimization space is still quite large. Let’s take a look at a light APP icon!

A running business is not particularly consistent with monkeys, with light APP positioning, 25 small school should feel a kind of enjoy the monkey.


If you want to know how to get such a APP icon, you can click on it

Online stealing iOS APP icon sharp weapon recommended – icoicon

From the perspective of entrepreneurial APP: Dodge APP to solve the problems for us what?


1, “dodge not only docking talent and enterprise, but also can realize the management function, the equivalent of” combination of recruitment and OA system”.

User profiles are different from ordinary resumes. In addition to self introduction, they can also upload works online (photos, drawings, articles, etc.). The traditional recruitment method relies on mail attachments to send resumes and works. “It’s possible that companies need to spend most of their time downloading resumes and dozens of design drawings,” which increases the workload of the enterprise.

2. in the “light”, the enterprise receives the user’s application, directly see the other personal homepage, private communication.

Witkey platform enterprise publishing needs, some studio or individual according to the requirements of bidding, bid the loser would do the white, and the similar dodge enterprise have a virtual office, can be admitted to the number of people, as a preliminary cooperation in personnel, the automatic generation of enterprise group. Enterprises in the group and temporary employees to communicate the specific needs of a task, ability matching can actively apply.

If the two sides determine the demand, enterprises can send personnel to the task on the platform, frozen the task salary in the platform, so that people do not worry about the problem of dragging money, enterprises do not worry about the task is not completed, pay to the talent, the task can be opened.

3. in the process of completing the task, the enterprise can also manage the staff task schedule and salary on time settlement.

For example, the designer can take a picture of the latest design on the computer, upload it to the platform, report the progress of the work, and facilitate the enterprise to understand the situation.” When the task is completed and the enterprise is confirmed, the applicant gets the salary.


A dodge APP

This is the recent APP in a light – “a borderless Remote Collaborative Creative contest, officially launched in April 8th. Interested parties can sign up for it.

That’s the kind of game that you start with, and it’s composed of 4 members: copywriting, design, translation, and ceo.


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