Professional and free LOGO design platform and generator – logaster

Nowadays, the free online logo design platform is numerous, but the effect of the design logo is very frustrated, there is no aesthetic design works.

Of course, also depends on the customer’s own brand logo design requirements are not high. If you don’t have high requirements for your product logo, these online professional and free LOGO design platforms and generators can completely meet your requirements.

Before the 25 schools share the automatic generation of free LOGO online design tool -LoGoTypeCreator an outstanding foreign online production of logo design tools.

Today, the 25 school continues to recommend to you a free and professional LOGO design platform and generator – logaster.

From Australia’s professional logo design company’s products.


At the same time, logaster launched the Chinese version in the second half of last year, providing convenient design services for the vast number of enterprises in china.

LOGO design platform Chinese official website:


Well, let’s take a look at the 25 school online design logo effect diagram as follows:

Step 1: open the logo design wizardHttps://

Just fill in your company name and slogan (don’t fill it up), Logaster will automatically generate a variety of changes in logo to you.


The second step: enter the brand name or company name you want to design:

Example: 25 school


Logaster online design logo


The third step: select several logo design works you want, and then make some modifications.


Of course, you can also ask the professional designer of the logaster website to help you design, only pay 9.9 dollars.


At the same time, also provides

1, Logo inspiration Gallery (

2, logo logo Library (

We can swim in kuzhan on logo logo your ideas and concept design. You can design a logo work in minutes, especially for owners and self-employed people who don’t have the ability to design.

In this, the 25 school recommended professional and free LOGO design platform and generator:

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