Blue Lake — an essential tool for teamwork in product design

Today, the 25 school recommends a more appropriate tool for product design teams, Blue Lake, with product designers.

Blue Lake andTowerA pioneer of domestic product design collaboration platform, is a leader in the domestic Internet collaboration platform, with the same spirit of open Internet, start, combination, through the function of the channel to each other, is committed to providing a more convenient and efficient services for various Internet Co and the team.


Now, useTowerA company or a team can do itTowerCreate Blue Lake Sketchpad directly.

Let’s look at the video propaganda of Blue Lake products. Let’s know as soon as possible what Blue Lake is

“Blue Lake”, product design collaboration platform and prototyping tool. Chinese version, all free, support Mac, Web, iOS.

Support from Sketch one button sharing, online discussion, automatic generation of annotations for the design map, and only a few steps to the design can be turned into a clickable demo prototype, support to share with colleagues, so that he can also see the design effect in the phone. Blue Lake has become a new generation of product design work.



Beginning today, the 25 school will lead you to the collaborative tools of the Blue Lake product design team. It only takes five steps.


OneUse a drawing board to clarify product logic:

Designers can drag and drop all design drawings onto a drawing board, then draw the connection according to the page Jump relation, and the product logic is clear.

Blue Lake product collaboration tool


2. 034.

The designer uploaded the design to Blue Lake, and the team members can click on the big picture to view and comment on the objections,@Designers or other team members are@Members will receive email notifications immediately.

Blue Lake product collaboration tool 2

ThreeManage each version of design drawings (historical version, annotation map, blank page, etc.).

The designer can directly cover the original design of the Blue Lake with the revised new design, and the original design will be automatically stored as a historical version.

Blue Lake product collaboration tool 32

In addition, the annotation graph, the boot graph and the blank state diagram of the graph can also be added to the left side directly. Team members can quickly find the version of the design they need.

    Blue Lake product collaboration tool 324

4. 3Minutes to create a high fidelity interactive prototype that can be operated on a mobile phone.

Making a high fidelity interactive prototype on Blue Lake is very simple, a jump action takes only two steps:

TheSelect link region

TheLink jump page.


Blue Lake product collaboration tool 5

5. 066.

Blue Lake can be automatically detectedSketchUpdate the design, and upload the new design to Blue Lake automatically, save it as the latest version. Project files in the cloud disk (product documentation, map) will automatically replace the latest version.

Blue Lake product collaboration tool 666

Blue Lake official website:Https:// registration can be used)

And Blue Lake has been a perfect combination of tower, the product design team can easily and quickly experience the trip to Blue Lake.


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