Recommendation of cloud service platform such as mail and SMS on mobile APP – SUBMAIL

I don’t know how many APP designers or APP developers know and develop the API that has contacted some of the email and SMS cloud services.

When enterprises or startups develop a APP, and then to operate the APP, in the process of operation, the essential operating tools are mail and SMS cloud services. At this point, we need to embed and join some of these professional platforms. Make sure our APP operations are more accurate and efficient.


When new products and services emerge, we must seize the opportunity to try and experience. Quickly develop your own mobile APP products, rapid counterattack and ring market.


Today, the 25 school recommends the mail and SMS cloud service provider SUBMAIL on mobile APP

Race mail cloud Communications

SUBMAIL post cloud communications is committed to providing cloud services platform for government, enterprise, client and individual customers, including SMS platform, mail platform, international SMS platform, mobile phone traffic platform, voice verification code and Internet of things communication.

SUBMAIL post match cloud communication not only provides high speed, high stability, high safety, short message, email and send an international SMS, but also provide more convenient and efficient A2P SMS, SMTP service and website integrated API, the enterprise and individual customers to trigger messages and contact email integration more convenient and cheaper.


It’s the A2P SMS products is the most popular mobile terminal SMS platform.

A2p- short message platform

So far, the A2P SMS platform on the post cloud communications is a professional SMS sending platform which is constantly praised by domestic enterprise users.


Easy to use, not expensive! 3 seconds will reach, 10 minutes access, full self-service


1, facing the user: enterprise APP using A2P SMS products can provide user viscosity and user activity. Enhance user experience preference of APP.

2, facing developers: Super full API development document online preview and consultation. It can help you quickly access powerful cloud communications services. Provide online technical support at the same time.

3, in the face of enterprises: reduce the cost of mobile communications enterprises, but also reduce labor costs. It can help enterprises obtain more data decision information.

Recently, SUBMAIL mail cloud in activities, free experience, get more preferential activities and so on.


Immediately experience cloud communication services


When you choose which APP SMS communication service, you can go to the free experience under the mail cloud A2P SMS products.

It will give you more confidence to experience pleasure and operate APP products.



This is also recommended by the 25 School of a mobile APP end communications service products. Click try


A2P SMS common sense interpretation:

A2P SMS refers to the relationship between the company and the individual, which we call “the application to the individual”, the English full name: application to person, referred to as: A2P. A2P is defined by a foreign institution.

There are many forms of A2P short messages

Information mainly includes: advertising and sales, financial services, information confirmation, booking information, booking SMS, marketing SMS, SMS Management and so on.



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