Educational mobile phone APP visual interface design recommendation: good score APP

Today, 25 schools recommend with you a very good APP, but also the education industry APP, but also the 25 school Xiaobian, so far found that the education industry inside the visual UI interface design of the best APP

The APP has been on the line, called good score APPStudent Edition APPandParent edition APP

The biggest feature of this educational mobile phone APP is the whole set of APP icon design, very personalized, creative. And it came from a beautiful UI designer! Interested in go up sister.


Let’s take a look at the educational mobile phone APP visual interface design works!

Good score APP

Good score app2

Good score APP02

Good score app5


At present, the APP has been on-line, welcome to download to appreciate!


Good score APP is for the use of “cloud school + marking” products of the school students to check points to see the test paper mobile applications. Students check points, check rankings, view their own papers and other basic services, permanent free.

Good grades APP also provide free information for all university students, good grades APP is based on the usual student test scores (for junior high school students), through data analysis, predict students’ scores can be admitted by now what kind of college or university from the goal of how much worse, and encourage students to Study hard in order to target, University strive to improve performance.

The student version: mt=8?

Parent edition:

Https:// Mt=8


Designer’s web page:

Product website:


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