Four fashion trend buyers APP, enhance your personal taste and clothing collocation

When visiting some fashion website, we saw some good APP, but still didn’t hold back these four fashion trend buyers APP recommend to everyone, let us each APP designer also has a certain personal taste and dressing style.

Also enhance our own design ability and color ability.

Secondly, the design of UI interface 4 APP is also very good, especially the APP interactive aspects in detail, consider good experience.


The first four fashion trends buyers APP: foreign Polyvore

Polyvore helps you discover outfit ideas, style your own looks and shop products you love from the world ‘s top brands and retailers — it’ s fashion inspiration you can buy!

Polyvore helps you find ideas that suit your style of dressing, as well as clothing that suits your brand and personality.

Overall: Polyvore is a fun, but also revealing personal taste and collocation of app.

The recommended index: you can feel you can feel




Polyvore APP download address: Ls=1& mt=8

Praised by some netizens, APP is a popular fashion buyer.


Second fashion trends buyer APP: original cat APP

Integrate the global excellent design resources, build a fast and effective communication and trading platform for buyers and designers, and provide one-stop design, research and development procurement services for buyers.

Original cat APP is a professional fashion buyer selection order platform for designers and buyers to provide a fast and effective communication and exchange platform, allowing designers and buyers to chat directly on the platform, to facilitate transactions. Whether you are a fashion buyer, brand, net red, shop owners, agents and so on … here you can find the original design you want!

The original cat APP website: the good design meet the buyerIt’s the original cat’s purpose.

Original cat APP

Original cat APP download address: Mt=8



Third fashion buyers APP:Hive+ APP

Hive+ is the current domestic HIVE SHOWROOM high-end international fashion buyers procurement platform.

HIVE showroom is a O2O buyer trading platform that collects original designer brands both at home and abroad, and is committed to providing all-round promotion and floor sales for the brand.

Hive+, an online purchasing platform specially designed for fashion buyers. There are hundreds from Italy, South Korea and the designer of the domestic brand resources, buyers can be the first time to obtain the latest fashion styles of resources; there is strict brand audit system, ensure the buyer purchased directly supply for the original; here are the logistics chain perfect, ensure goods at home and abroad to intact and the time to the buyers in the hands of.


Hive+ official website is also very fashionable sense, you can refer to the Hive+ official website UI interface design to layout our APP project’s official website. Http://



Fourth fashion trend buyers APP:SHOW APP (share fun things)Fashion with each day

SHOW is an advocate of Happy Labelling(happy, happy label)Share the fun and share with the people who love life on the planet to mark the single product and enjoy the taste of each other.

We provide a rich choice of area, covering the life style of hunting and the men and women shoes, T-Shirts, toys, toys, delicacy digital accessories, you can also mark a number of brand.

Show fun sharing APP is a APP from yoho.

Among them, one of the show APP HOW is from the hottest topics of global users and brand aggregation, quickly found fresh, fun, beautiful trend.


APP download address: Mt=8

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