Real B literature reading APP product recommendation: single reading APP

This is a very minimalist design, the content is particularly good reading class APP – single reading APP.

“Single reading” is such a good article to like to read friends recommend the application, in the impetuous era of meditation to read a text.

A very small class of APP, pure reading, to read the open world and joy. Especially for those who like to read. APP can be called the golden house of books — single reading APP.



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From Beijing single reading Technology Co., Ltd.’s first mobile APP products. APP is also a very stylish design.

Sharing the minimalist life with us, five minimalist APP can help you with the five APP.



The idea and purpose of single reading APP are:

1, in the age of fragmentation, we still love the quiet reading, through the serious content, listen to the world’s most sober voice.

2, single reading against fragmentation reading way, with the depth of content to counter the impetuous world. We believe that hundreds of clicks and visits are worth a long time of immersion in reading.

3, this is a one-way space for ten years since the precipitation of a portable library, we selected and produced the text, audio, images, all the nourishment of our thoughts re transmitted.



The main columns of single reading APP are as follows:
Text – recommend a long essay that deserves serious attention every day; invite the best authors of our time and produce real thoughts.

Audio – in the age of bustle, you need more insightful voices, a piece of music, a book, a page reading, a perspective, and writer Xu Zhiyuan reading this time with you.

Video – video is a new angle for us to read the world, from a global perspective, tells the spiritual history of writers, directors and artists, and reaches the core of the world of thought.

Calendar – new youth of the laohuangli, one-way calendar, reading a one-way space that life is words every day, because words and words instead of mediocrity.


If you are a lover of literature and art, you can read many good articles from APP alone. Discover a lot of knowledge that you’re interested in and so on.

Deep literature, anti fast food. Obsessed with the single read massiness of this literature, with history and culture, by analogy. The insecurity of pseudo literature is not caused by lack of depth.


Follow the 25 schools Xiaobian together to see the wonderful comments of friends:

1, the single reading APP article is not bad, compared to book gas, tall. Suitable for people with a certain amount of reading, B high reading. It’s not the mainstream fast food literature on the social platform now.

2, single reading APP overall interface design is considered black and white deep wind. It has a very deep taste of history.

3, single reading APP in advocating the return to the text of the slow paced reading method, each article will not be too short, and will not deliberately sought and echoed popular writer. Chinese and foreign writers, poets, philosophers and so on mentioned in the single reading, most of their works are precipitated and tested by time, the content of the works is partial to literature, and there are few traces of chicken soup.



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