To create minimalist life, five minimalist APP can help you

If you’re a minimalist, the following five minimalist App tracks your life trajectory are good choices for you.

Some can be said to be the favorites of minimalism. Of course, the five APP UI designs are minimalist.

If you want to record your lifestyle, you can use these five APP to help you. It’s also a lifestyle for a small group of people.

Now, follow the 25 school to see which five five minimalist APP can help you


Minimalist life track book

Ps: reading can dive your spirit, shape your mind, and make people live more like people. And the number and quality of reading is to determine your self-cultivation.

[beautiful reading] APP

One of the things that attracted me most in the application of book records was that the library interface was the least fresh I had ever seen, and it was able to clearly show the proportion of the types of books that I read. In addition, that page will be updated on a daily basis of different quality books, love the “sun” friends can try to figure more books, this is a make you more close to books and Book App book, love you absolutely can not miss.


Beautiful reading APP

Minimalist life track two: Movies

Ps: if a person doesn’t watch a movie, he lives a lifetime, just for life; if a person to see the film, he watched a good movie, like live a lifetime. So what’s the problem? How many good movies have you seen?

[Mark] APP

Is a minimalist film recording tools, with the increasingly bloated, the film layer is more and more deep, for people like movies, marking a movie is also more and more troublesome.

One second search, score, briefing, details. Add a second, ten minutes to set up their own view of history.
More importantly, Yan values are high. The new version added a lot of selection sheets, though I can’t use it myself, but it’s good for people who don’t want to see movies.
Download link:

Mark APP

Minimalist life track three: Music

Ps: music is the art of emotion can drive people in the form of film songs to change the fate in the sentence “listen to one song, can understand the secrets of ta.”

[capture] APP

App is a recommendation of independent music at home and abroad, is committed to recommend the era of the most simple, the most texture sound. In addition to the minimalist product interface, can hear the selection of recommended artificial journals, but also to share in the community and produce their own songs. If you want to listen to some different music, meet some different people, then the arrest may be more in line with your temperament.


Arrested music APP

Minimalist life track four: Location

Ps: travel is sometimes just a release of mood, away from a city, to another city, no matter what the city gives you the feeling of good or bad, but the same thing is, for the unknown scenery, we always cherish the vision and curiosity.

[balloon travel] APP

It’s a very interesting travel app that can mark where you’ve been, and you can also find travel notes written by tourists. In the travel section, you can see what city you’ve visited and mark it on the map. The product interface is very simple. Balloon travel may be your new choice for small partners who love to travel.
Download link:

Balloon travel APP

Minimalist life track five: Diary

Ps: in the pursuit of “serious life” process, some people are confused and unable to extricate themselves, while some people can come out from confusion and grow up. The difference between the two lies in whether to start from their own status quo In other words, out of confusion, sometimes rely on is the question and answer”.

[Journal Diary] APP

Is a minimalist diary application, App Store home recommended regulars. Rather than a preference for this style, it is better than it is. I usually open my diary in the morning and help me reflect on my own situation by asking questions and answering questions. I plan the day’s journey so as to avoid the anxiety at a loss.

Download address:

Diary APP


Minimalism is an attitude towards life, and if you’re a minimalist, you can pursue this simple, comfortable life. The five one is the minimalist favorite APP. It also gives us five references to minimalist design of APP.

So, you want to design minimalist works, you must love minimalist life, minimalist trajectory.

Looking for a favorite APP design work, in accordance with their own definition of a lifestyle style of life has been the ultimate goal of the pursuit of designers.

The content source: @ dodo Altman’s micro-blog

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