Two idle goods trading App recommended: idle fish APP and air fox APP

At present, the proportion of market share of the two APP in the idle goods trading field is relatively large. You can be the boss and the third place in this field.

As for the second, who will tell you the next 25 schools?. Maybe APP or APP.

These two idle goods trading App, from the perspective of APP design to appreciate, or pretty good. There are so many places worth learning. Especially the color matching, APP tonality. At the same time, these two also belong to competing goods.

If you’re a mobile APP product manager, you just want to make a product like this. Download these two APP for experience and exploration is your daily work of choice.


The first APP: free fish APP

The idle fish is a fish with Taobao gene and first mover advantage, which is born from the second hand of Taobao and occupies the first place in the market.

Idle fish is also a group of Alibaba’s relatively hot community APP, trading idle, use idle fish! No shop can enjoy Alipay secured transactions, only 30 seconds to release a baby.


The main patterns and gameplay of APP:

Free fish APPHome recommendation, product classification, topic, fish pond, baby details page similar products recommend.

Free fish classification in the right side of the home search box, unlike other app, placed in navigation second tab, the new user is generally not easy to find. Fish ponds in two forms of user series: one is the community, companies, schools and other places as the core, with 015The trading community based on the radius; the other is based on the radiusSame interestThe fish pond is like a small forum. When the users join such a small group, they can know all kinds of second-hand transaction information in time, and make the transaction of idle products more close to life.

Idle fish put the fish pond in navigation second tab, also can see Ali’s attention and want to develop community social heart. I will create the right fish ponds open to users, as long as the Alipay real name authentication and sesame credit score higher than 650 points have created qualifications meet. The advantage of fish ponds is that it increases the chance of offline trading, and there are many uncertainties in second hand transactions. Online delivery is a more reassuring way, both for buyers and buyers.


Leisure fish official website:

Free fish APP download address: Mt=8



Second idle transaction APP, empty fox APP dumped goods fast idle trading platform

The founder of an empty fox is also a beautiful woman. It’s also one of the most popular founders recently.

Such as news: empty fox founder Yu Xiaodan was kicked out of the capital, empty fox CEO: just 20 days, I was kicked out of the shareholders in the disease and so on.

In this gossip news, we also know what empty fox APP.


APP user location:

Air fox is the fashion girls idle goods trading platform, currently the fastest throwing idle goods trading website and idle goods trading APP.

Air fox gathered a group of cool girls, they never restrained their chops, like to buy, do not love sell, sell idle to save their own plug, and incidentally benefit others, economic and environmental protection. Mom, don’t worry about my wardrobe anymore.

Air fox APP main gameplay

Because the main female fox empty idle clothing trade, only clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, beauty, beauty and so on several maternal and child classification, will be different timing on-line topic, baby show also rely mainly on these topics, there is a Master mode. These topics reflect the nature of “stroll” better than women’s high frequency idle clothing trade.

Among them, the topic of air fox is very good. The conversion rate is also good.

The empty fox APP focus on tab Master also distinguished from several other app, a little red net sellers are to develop plan (to develop a seller’s trust, increase re purchase behavior), support Master after these empty fox might be KOL, with them to drive user stickiness, later to the community or is the development of shopping guide mode can also be.

But if you’re neither a talent nor a subject, then your exposure rate is a problem. Only by user active search and classified browsing.

Official website:

Air fox APP download address: Mt=8


Overall: the 2 APP visual design and product operation ideas are good. If you’re interested, you can study it. Can be shared to 25 schools, as a APP product physical examination report.

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