Free listening to lectures, inspirational stories, entrepreneurial video good place: a APP

Reading is always what we have to do in our life. Knowledge changes destiny is truth. Just on a website to see a netizen comment is in place: Frankly speaking, education is not to train the three elements of the students?

First, independent thinkers;

Second, lifelong reading;

Third, an active participant in public affairs

So, listen to your words, better than reading ten books. One APP encourages sharing ideas, experiences and imagination of the future, and makes valuable communication. Every month, we invite people with stories and wise speakers to share their stories on the platform.

It’s also a good place to give free lectures, inspirational stories, and entrepreneurial videos. It’s also a paradise to enrich your experience and grow up.

One seat APP

Above is a website’s official website interface:


At the same time, the 25 school has also thought that one is the most literary fan APP, educational video class APP. The speeches and the sharing of science and technology are especially inspirational. It is the conscience of the industry.

Here, thank you very much for a seat to invite the industry to the field of elite, let everyone know this world of misery, the progress of science and technology, the artist’s spiritual world…… Full positive energy, inspiring people!

Here’s a screenshot of APP:

A APP interface design appreciation


Comment from a seat on APP:

The main color of a APP is red. It comes from a scene. Through this color, one would like to let users feel the atmosphere of the scene speech, red carpet and projected lights on the stage.

The design team to discuss the basic direction of color is all around “which is the most representative of a red”, several schemes including partial light, yellow #EA3535, #D0021B and the bright color of the gradient.

Finally, one chooses the #CC3434 with lower saturation and better collocation as the main hue.


A APP designer, phoenix tree said, one want to use the speech, let everyone feel the passion, fun and charm in life.
It’s also a feeling that the APP design team wants to convey the color of the app.



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