The three door chef APP recommended, mobile phone essential artifact are lazy!

It was cold, you don’t want to cook to feed myself, generally choose outside eating or call takeout.
Now the chef’s home o2o service is getting more and more fire! What do you want to eat, let the professional chef cook for us personally?. Isn’t that cool?

Today, the 25 school share with you three of the industry to do a good chef home service APP.

The top three APP in the three categories of home cooking in the PC6 website.
1, APP, the country’s largest private good chef kitchen door APP application platform

Good chef APP

A good cook app this is a personal chef services online application, users can through the app call private chef cook door-to-door service, IOS will make all kinds of good chef chef, chef to your family cook for you, different tastes, different styles of delicacy in your home.

Good chef is currently the largest Internet private kitchen platform in the country. Order chef’s home service, private chef. Users use a good chef APP, you can choose different flavors, different styles of gourmet chef door-to-door service. Eating at home is healthy. Ingredients can be bought or bought by the chef. Don’t worry about unsafe ingredients and ingredients.

At the same time, good chef App has Sichuan, Hunan, Shandong, Guangdong, Ben, northeast cuisine six major professional certification chef, for your choice, enjoy the country’s major cuisines.

Good chef APP official website download:

2, APP – open private kitchen chef love home fashion

Chef app

Love chef app is the first professional chef to provide home service App, love chef app platform currently has 1000 professional chefs, support Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen users booking. The user can choose according to their own preferences of different cuisine chefs, cooking homemade dishes or customized high-end banquet.

Chef APP01

Use chef app to cook a healthy, delicious meal for the user during the scheduled time.

Love chef APP official website download:



3, playing kitchen APP

Playing chef app is a special kitchen for gourmet and cook friends.

Play with app real and objective sharing kitchen supplies and food, where users can access to the latest kitchen appliances, online shopping, online communication. Discover the beauty of life with an interesting heart, and create the fun of kitchen with dexterous hands.

Cooking APP

At the same time, playing the kitchen represents a kind of attitude towards life. The small kitchen has its own unique charm, can produce a continuous sense of happiness. We are a group of fanatical kitchen appliances researchers + critical chowhound, playing APP in the kitchen, we are willing to work together with you to explore those over the world can enhance the happiness index of items.


IOS Download: Mt=8


However, in October 14th, Shanghai chef O2O platform “cooking meal” officially announced the closure today. “Cooking meal” is a O2O catering project under the IDG Network Technology Co., Ltd. of Shanghai. The project has received the investment of $1 million 500 thousand under the capital and thunder flag.

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