By the industry as the highest value of the value of step artifact: WALKUP

Recommend a very beautiful interface step APP, is also a sports record based, integrated into the virtual world tour and interactive game innovative social APP.

APP’s visual interaction effects are great! By the industry as the highest value of APP.

The APP product recommended by Mr. Ye is…WALKUP — a wonderful journey while walking

Also in 2016 the yen value recorded the highest step artifact ~~~~~~~~~~~~



WALKUP sets tasks according to the current city, and needs to walk to complete the corresponding tasks. The name of the task with the city, such as Beijing to visit the Imperial Palace to go to Houhai, Singapore to Binhai garden to see exotic flowers and rare herbs. After completing all the assigned tasks, you can leave the current city and go to the next country. The number of steps per day is translated into energy values, and the progress of the journey consumes energy.

As shown in the following picture:


In 2016, the highest value of the memory artifact


25 school reviews:

The page design of this software is not as monotonous as other software, but it presents the world culture with interesting pictures, unconsciously becomes walking and wants to exercise.

More importantly, Walkup combines walking with the world around the game, making it a little fun to record steps or walk.

The UI design level of APP products is very high, and the picture is very fine. Each city’s main picture is the symbol of the country or the city, the day and the evening picture is different, in addition to the overall color or position to reflect the difference, there are still many details on the present. So I’m looking forward to the picture of the next city in Walkup.

So, this APP UI interface design is quite possible. Rich color collocation and cartoon image elements.


Official website address:

More excellent screenshots of WALKUP APP:



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