APP: the most popular private wardrobe for girls

This is a very beautiful and beautiful APP recommended by the 25 school this week. It is also recommended by the school to share the most beautiful clothing collocation of APP.

The most ready to say is the girl’s mobile phone must install a most popular private wardrobe APP — Meimei shop APP.

APP recommendation


APP product show information:

APP Name: Meimei shop

Production team: the United States and Forgame jointly launched the first fashion to develop business class hand travel, providing IOS version, Android version download. Beauty makeup show, pinch your star face! Gorgeous dress, stuffed with your closet! All round manager development, beautiful career early planning! Show beautiful taste, lead fashion trend! Enhance the value of beauty, beautiful world!

APP download website: beauty shop official website – girls want dream cloak room!



Enjoy screenshots of APP interface:

Screen696x696 (1) Screen696x696 (2) Screen696x696

Fashion shop

Beauty shop star face


Every girl dreams of having a fashion shop of her own, and she can mix all kinds of clothes with her will and create her favorite fashion image. As a game of fashion collocation, the beauty shop focuses on “illusion”, beautiful and clean streets, colorful shops, dazzling fashion products, romantic and pure overseas scenery…… The realization of girls dream pictures, let you try for the first time, will not be reluctant to put down the phone.

The latest news of APP:

Android version has already been on line in September 29th!

1, “dream cloakroom” beauty shop in December 1st App Store debut! Want fresh buddy ready posture, quickly download experience.



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