Love sports SportsCool APP interface design appreciation and UX learning

Today, 25 schools share with you a foreign SportsCool APP (Chinese Name: Sports cool APP), a sports related APP. It’s also a APP for enthusiasts of favorite sports.

Sports cool APP

The SportsCool APP that you can find your neighborhood sports school, joined the local sports teams or find a coach. It’s also a community of people who love sports and have common interests. The app also provides information about local venues and sporting events.

From the point of view of APP designer, SportsCool’s UI and Ux design is very good.

Let’s enjoy it together

SportsCool-APP movement


The above four interfaces are related to APP ranking, integral ranking related UI design, if you are learning and design related UI interface, you may refer to the SportsCool APP ranking interface design.

25 school Xiaobian personal feeling is good.

Look at the design of the main icons of SportsCool APP

Icon design of motion APP

Download address of icon icon’s png diagram:



Icon design of motion APP 2


Download address of icon icon’s png diagram:


More APPui interface design appreciation and layout reference can go:


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