A Meng Meng Da most women welcome friends APP probe APP

Good, easy to use, interface design, especially good APP, 25 schools will recommend to our APP designers reference.

A APP product recommended by the 25 school this week is called APP. It’s also a APP that both male designers and female designers like.

Exploration and exploration APP

Detection of APP is a Meng Meng Da social applications, and echocardiography single artifact dating with strangers.

The right and left slip without a sense of love,, flip probe push photo with you for the recent fate.


Secret exploration of App dating process:

Simply understood as “like each other -> enjoy a moment of heart surprise -> start chatting” mode. In love with each other before, just slide your finger love or skip a photo, not optimistic about a few space log screen to guess each other’s preferences; in love or not love photos users, explore the automatic recording of user interest data, if only one party to the other party favors, explore it keep the secret for them; if they love each other, they will inform the probe “Congratulations, you and XXX love each other!” And then naturally advance to the chat link, so “first confirm the will to start chatting” mechanism, to avoid the embarrassment of rejection, but also save a lot of expression of waste, but also to ensure that users will not receive the harassment of people who do not like information.

APP official website: tantanapp.com


Here’s the APP designer’s work, inspired by APP.


Designer comments: Inspiration from exploring APP, perhaps need a ” seduce &#8221, function, simple poke, let you like to pay attention to you, increase the success rate of PAO.

From the point of view of APP design, the whole UI interface of APP needs to be improved. Interactive design is good.




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