Card stacking effect to achieve the best APP appreciation: the most beautiful thing APP

Today, 25 schools recommend a card stack switching effect, the application of a very good APP, it is the most beautiful thing APP.

The most beautiful thing, it provides a magazine version of the reading experience, to you Amway world worth buying good design. At the same time, the most beautiful thing APP is also a pea pod Design Award winner.

The APP is also aimed at young people today, now has personality, design more and more practical, become the first element of the choice of goods.

The most beautiful thing APP2

APP endorsement of the most beautiful thing:

This is the most beautiful team of mobile APP products launched in 2016. APP is also the most beautiful application team produced by passion. The conscience of the industry.

The most beautiful application website:

The most beautiful thing APP let us APP designers learn is card stacking effect. Great reading experience.

The magazine reading experience of novel form is the first feeling that the most beautiful things give people. Like the pages of bookmarks as stacked content, so that at a glance, when you turn to gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, most interested in the products or content, just click to enter to read.

The following diagram:

The most beautiful thing APP1

In the most beautiful thing, each tab card style is completely different, and they design different interactions for different content. Some need you to immerse and enjoy, and some to browse quickly.

The most beautiful thing APP card lamination effect dynamic effect demonstration:

The most beautiful thing is not only to recommend fun products for you, but more importantly, to push the designers behind them to make you realize who created these original designs.

Designers + works + pictorial forms, so that you can multi-faceted understanding of the designer’s dribs and drabs.

Is a suitable for designers fun APP, but also show the designer’s ability platform.

25: you can feel school recommendation index you can feel it

The most beautiful thing APP download address: Mt=8


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