200 million users of NetEase cloud music APP design what are the characteristics?

These days the NetEase cloud music users to break 200 million into China largest music platform. NetEase cloud music APP is a good achievement at this stage. What are the features of NetEase cloud music APP design? Why is NetEase cloud music so popular by users and APP UI design industry in pursuit of it?

The following 25 schools Xiaobian will talk with you NetEase cloud music APP design of some unique temperament, that is, a successful APP essential APP design factors.

In addition, the NetEase cloud music in 2014 for the China ten mobile Internet application gains [], [Baidu mobile 2014 “outstanding visual design award” [], “pea pod Design Award” [2014], Chinese software billboard editor Award “],” known “reputation of the best music APP.

Before, the 25 school shared the NetEase cloud music APP design specifications, including the IOS version and Android version!

1, NetEase cloud music Android 3 visual design specification document

2, NetEase cloud music APP design layout specifications and labeling standards

NetEase cloud music APP Homepage

NetEase cloud music APP official website download address:

IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/wang-yi-yun-yin-le-pao-bufm/id590338362 l=en& mt=8?



First look at NetEase cloud music by the majority of users like the reason:

NetEase cloud music is a focus on discovery and sharing of music products, relying on professional musicians, DJ, friends recommend and social functions, to create a new music life for users.

2014 continuous gains [China top ten mobile Internet applications], [Baidu mobile 2014 annual excellent visual design Award], [pea pod] design award, [2014 Chinese software Fengyun list “editor recommendation Award”, “know” on the word of mouth, the best music APP.

The following is NetEase cloud music APP guide page design appreciation:

NetEase cloud music APP boot page design


The following 25 comprehensive school of about 100 words, what are the highlights of NetEase cloud music APP design.


1, from the APP interactive design

Xiao Bian believes that NetEase cloud music client is the design of the simplest, most easy to use.

The home page recommended by the project, in a single song, singer, DJ radio, and so on the list, and the color, and the overall design of “let a person looks very comfortable.

Navigation is divided into four plates, music, my music, friends, accounts, each function at a glance, download can be used, the upper right corner has always been “play” button, you can jump to the songs are playing.

As a APP product manager and APP designer, learn to dissect the structure of APP. The following diagram:

NetEase cloud music APP architecture diagram

On the one hand, the merit of UI design and content selection,

On the other hand, is because of the excellent extension of NetEase cloud music longitudinal function, giving users greatly immersed in music experience, this experience between song and song from the song as the main carrier of the extension, extension between the singer and the singer, extends between song and singer, designer of the master is balance let me face to

So, at present, many UI training institutions teachers, often take NetEase cloud music APP as a case to explain.

Here, the 25 school also hope that you APP designer, you can download NetEase cloud music APP yourself to experience, feel why designers want to design like this. What’s the good?!

NetEase cloud music APP home page


2, from the core function.

Netease cloud music has a core function: the song and you love the music according to the recommended taste.

We can create their own love songs, but also can be saved and can be shared, can be synchronized with the web server, so developed in the network era, we already do not need to download music, because the music download space, the bigger problem is not good, “a good way” to solve this problem.


In short, the core function of doing well, information architecture, interaction process simple, attractive interface, music style, so it won the users.

User comments: for NetEase cloud music, I like the interface of the skin, especially the black skin, do with hammer, mobile phone ROM the same texture, beautiful, looking like, and the whole client also feel good.

25 school Xiaobian, in general, the latest version of NetEase cloud music is APP design industry rare excellent APP. There’s a reason for him designing our APP as a lesson plan.


From the point of view of APP designer:

NetEase cloud music APP designed UI is very simple, clear, more important interface looks very comfortable! Put some magical function design skills is simplified. And the APP interactive experience is great!

From the point of view of APP product manager:

Products need to focus on information sorting and induction capabilities, so that complex functions become simple, but also let users the most easy to use APP. Let APP architecture become a single. Designing a good guide for users and attracting users are the necessary conditions for the healthy development of APP.


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