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A APP UI interface design, very delicate gourmet content, electricity supplier APP. It is also the top among the Chinese gourmet e-commerce APP, which is ENJOY APP. It’s also the lead of the 25 APP production show in mid July.

A “eat, will choose, there is style” gourmet electronic business platform. The following is the enjoy app boot page appreciation.

Enjoy-app interface learning


Why does APP 25 recommend enjoy?

One reason:

Personal comparison appreciation. Continuation of the NetEase’s attitude, design and content are more emphasis on product temperament. The change from rice to ENJOY, from content to the electricity supplier, to meet the trend of consumer upgrades, but also to a large extent (seemingly) solved the problem before the realization of difficult content. After all the media experience, this change is also very much at home. In my opinion, ENJOY is like an electronic magazine that you can buy. It’s her good side, and I don’t think it’s perfect. There are accumulation of users, she has a very good foresight.

Reason two:

From the point of view of APP design, the overall design style of ENJOY APP is very simple and fashionable, which gives people a fresh and refined feeling. Especially in Europe and america. Give people a sense of power. This kind of black and white APP interface design style is worth learning and appreciating.

App itself is exquisite. I think it’s pretty good to start the animation. It’s amazing!

But for my people who like to delete and delete and delete, if there is skip key is better: in addition, at least not all kinds of flash back. The buying experience is very smooth. It’s very hard to do it. So, want to do the content of the electricity supplier of small partners, you can download enjoy app experience.


From the user’s perspective, ENJOY APP recommendation is the best popularity, the price is also very good restaurant delicacy, and did not imagine so expensive. But fanquan.

Through the ENJOY APP platform to spread quality and delicacy, quality content and other lifestyle related, help you know more about life and regular planning and launch special exclusive celebrity dinner and other activities, will enrich your dining experience.

Enjoy-app-store ranking

Reason three:

At present, as long as you search on app store search for food 2 words, the top five will be enjoy APP. Very popular with users. At the same time, enjoy app launched the Chinese and English versions. Cover a wide range of people.


Gourmet food business APP enjoy positioning:

ENJOY NOW! ENJOY is committed to solving the problem of how to eat better”. We are really delicious, delicate and unique selection of high-quality restaurants and express products, all products are customized for you to enjoy exclusive discounts, meet all needs careful selection of products and exclusive customized menu, in the “real food, with the platform,” three to build a high quality of life.

Official website address:


If you’re a small partner who loves design and food, enjoy app is a must-have APP for your mobile phone.

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