Brand new UI design, design sister food APP [taste library food]

25 school today to share with you a good delicacy APP, fresh vegetable semi-finished takeaway platform – flavor library delicacy APP.

And today’s shared gourmet food APP is the latest version of the APP UI design, from a design sister’s hand. It’s the conscience of the gourmet APP.

APP Product Name: flavor storehouse food APP

Minimalist gourmet APP


Flavor library APP is a fresh vegetable semi-finished platform, mainly to provide a good wash, chopped fresh semi-finished products for users at home throughout the cold chain distribution, users at home receive dish, can scan two-dimensional code directly on the ingredients according to view recipes, recipes cooking pot.

The library has a taste including sea fishing, walk, Green Tea meal drinks supplier, a professional supplier of WAL-MART, Carrefour, RT mart, 711 convenience stores and other traditional super.

At present, the small partners in Beijing can enjoy the flavor library door-to-door service. But what are the most simple and delicious dishes that designers love?.

Here is a collection of 25 schools to collect flavor library food app on the food tutorial:

The first dish: Steamed Chicken with Chili Sauce

A light canal, listening to the name of people can make people swallow the Ba Shu famous dishes. That is because there are a lot of pepper chicken mouth, will eat hemp to mouth from mainstream slobber.


Second dishes: whirlwind potato string

The whirlwind of potatoes, delicious and fun, and so the air with satisfy, potato snacks can easily fix at home!

Just cut, bake, sprinkle seasoning three steps you can enjoy ~ eat yourself at any time, simple and healthy!


Flavor store food APP official website download address:

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