Excellent APP operating tools: creating custom stickers, solitary deer and Graphite Documents

As the saying goes, “if you want to do something good, you must first sharpen your tools.”. Mr. Ye recommends three excellent APP tools today: creating custom stickers, solitary deer and graphite documents. Are 25 school Xiaobian hard to sort out some practical and simplify the workflow operation tools, let you spike other competitors, advanced into high force grid APP operators.


The first APP operation tools: Graphite document is an online * 004


Graphite document is a light and easy online collaborative document that supports multiple people to edit the same document online simultaneously. Operators can use it to collaborative writing copy, making operation planning and brainstorming etc..

You can comment on a detail of the document, and others can participate in the discussion together. As a result, team operators can easily complete a project discussion and manuscript equivalence in a document directly, requiring collaborative work, and no longer need to communicate through a traditional and inefficient way of sending emails repeatedly.

All documents are stored in the cloud in real time, so there is no need to worry about losing the content of the document. Graphite documents also have web pages, WeChat ends and App ends.

Function: documents and tables that can be edited by many people simultaneously

Official website:Https://shimo.im

When documents and tables are stored in the cloud, the collaborators can plan together, manage the project schedule, edit the graphic data, complete the work schedule, and track the progress in real time and consult the historical version, even if they can’t face the face.


Second APP operation tools: creating a posted onlineGraphic design tools

Band aid

Create stickers is a simple and easy to use online graphic design tools, users can use the platform to provide a large number of pictures, fonts, templates and other materials, through simple drag and pull operation, you can easily design beautiful posters, PPT, information maps and other pictures.

Maker stickers solve the design pain point of most people, so that operators who do not use professional mapping software can quickly produce the pictures they want. You can share the work directly to others, or you can export the work into PNG, PDF, PPT and other formats.

Functions: online graphic design, making posters, making PPT, information map, etc.



Third APP operation tools: grouplus is isolated deer is a community management tool

Solitary deer

Group+ (lone deer) is the leading community operation tool in China. The use of scenarios includes activities, public funding, questionnaires, reward messages, SMS, etc., to help community operation more efficient and extreme. From the simple activity editing and publishing start, the registration personnel and WeChat head and other information precipitation, background automatic intelligent activity dissemination and transformation of data, all close to the operation of all pain point demand. In addition, Group+ platform also precipitated thousands of well-known social organizations such as dark horse, shell and autumn leaves PPT in china.

Functions: Release activities, ticketing management, data analysis and display

style= “color: #3366ff 037www.grouplus.com

There is a free version, you can register now, try to experience!



Fourth APP operating tools: leather skin machineMicro-blog operation AIDS

Leather time machine

As a micro-blog third party management tools, Pippi time machine can let micro-blog operators achieve timing release micro-blog, micro-blog, micro-blog, timing forwarding interactive multiplayer collaborative management of micro-blog, personalization, sending records and other functions, in addition, it also provides a powerful micro-blog content repository for users.

At the same time, leather skin machine is a tool that can effectively improve the efficiency of micro-blog operation.

Leather skin time machine official website: http://t.pp.cc/


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