Three paintings that can’t be missed by friends who like drawing APP

A friend who likes drawing, or a friend who wants to learn painting. There must be some APP or software that you can draw anytime and anywhere on your phone.

With the hot APP, the demand for direct drawing with mobile phone touch screen is becoming more and more exuberant. Just in the group there are also some APP design novices and classmates asking the school master, what are the useful paintings of APP?.

So, 25 schools recommend three fairly good paintings for APP. It should be said that the painting is a friend a good assistant.


The first painting APP: painting Diary – record your painter dream

Diary painting is a painting exchange application, whether it is painting or drawing, watercolor painting, painting can be uploaded to your diary. You can praise and comment on other people’s paintings, round your painter dream. In addition, you can also buy painting tools, painting materials and so on in the painting shop.

Painting diary: an original painting exchange community app, sharing the hand-painted works, drawing notes, illustration background on the virtual art sketchpad.

Painting diary APP

Painting diaryCan be used to record every creation you can draw together, together with the table can also upload pictures, upload the manuscript.

Diary painting the official website to download the address: download as soon as possible to achieve your dream of painting!


Second paintings APP: draw bar – mobile phone painting base camp!

For mobile painting scene design, to provide a simple and powerful Sketchpad and rich interesting social functions!

Painting is the most interesting mobile graffiti community where you can enjoy the works of the great god! Here you can learn to draw, whether it’s cartoon, simple pen, or sketch, watercolor, etc..

Draw it, APP

Draw it, APP download the official website:


Third paintings APP: painted hands TOSHOW

Hand painted TOSHOW is an interesting graffiti, painting APP software to enhance your hand painting, illustration, painting skills!

Hand painted graffiti, by the social application agile development studio, with interesting topic as the starting point, encourage the public to activate the right brain communication mode. The user through graffiti this zero threshold, across the language barrier free expression of emotion and creativity.

Doodle APP


Like painting, painting hand to meet my painting needs, and some people appreciate, you can and love painting users become friends, feel the collective brain cavity wisdom, like this atmosphere, like-minded feeling, hope painting hand can be more and more good.

Hand painted APP official website download address:

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