Fotor three online design tools: Photography retouching, jigsaw puzzle and greeting card design

It’s a great honor for the 25 school to receive Fotor’s contribution, and also find that Fotor is a good free online retouching, jigsaw puzzle and greeting card design tool. It’s worth recommending. Of course, the 25 school recommended it to you long ago. Such as free online photo editor Fotor- foreign Meitu Xiu Xiu.

After 3 years of development and change, today’s Fotor has become very forced lattice. At the same time, three powerful design tools are developed.

Online retouching, jigsaw puzzle, greeting card design

Fotor is a simple and interesting cross platform free picture editor and photo authoring tool. It provides many basic pictures adjustment function and many special functions, including: jigsaw puzzle, special effects addition, border beautification, jewelry clip painting, text addition, greeting card production, online HDR synthesis, etc..

It includes the desktop version of MAC and windos, and the IOS APP and Android APP versions.

Fotor Mobile

Here is to follow the 25 school Xiaobian together to appreciate and try Fotor’s three online design tools.


Fotor’s first design tool: Online photographic retouching

Fotor online retouching

Fotor not only has the basic one click beautification, size adjustment, tailoring, rotation and correction, but also has many unique functions. We have a lot of filters and special effects, Lomo effects, cool tone effects, interesting effects, tile effects, blur effects, and photo borders, stickers, text, local color pens, mosaics, webcams and shift axes tools.


Fotor second design tools: Online jigsaw puzzle

Fotor online jigsaw puzzle

A well-designed jigsaw puzzle can express a story, share a unique mood, and even record a person’s life. Template puzzles, picture stitching, funny puzzles, and other special effects. Fotor interesting jigsaw features are very popular! Create a wonderful jigsaw puzzle by combining the multiple effects with the jigsaw puzzle!


Fotor third design tools: online greeting card design

Fotor online greeting card design

Fotor can also help you design beautiful Instagram, Facebook photos, as well as greeting cards and posters!

Of course, Fotor not only has the three major online design tools and powerful image editing capabilities, they have online photography, beauty and other functions. Interested partners can try it out.

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