Cold repair figure: let you learn to love and retouching skills APP tools

The 25 school to share with you a APP product show: bold retouching

In a year, 7 people completed 5 platform client development, efficient, efficient and surprising team. Vigorous retouching team. In 2015 and retouchers founder and CEO Wang Borui selected Forbes 30under30 list. 25 School of thought that this is a very good team.

At the same time and also 244th pea pods graphic design award winner.

It is the most professional, comprehensive, easy to use, not just a retouching tool, but also allows you to learn the skills of “retouching”.

yesOnline revision APP with “professional comprehensive” and “easy to use”.

Vigorous retouching

And the graphic version of the cross view application is unique, “choose” left right “filter, adjust the parameters”. The vision is fresh and intuitive, and the operation is also flexible and convenient. To import a picture, you can click on the left to select a suitable filter, and slide on the right side, select some parameters and make minor adjustments.

Vigorous retouching

If you want to learn and retouching buddy can go to learning.

In the video, and retouching and a video contains 37 official channels, to understand plain language to explain the basic operation of retouching tutorial.

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Vigorous figure belongs to Beijing and bear Technology Co. Ltd’s products. Including MAC, IOS, blackberry, PC, Android end products. There are also online retouching versions.

Vigorous retouching is for the photography and fancier design senior game player and easy to use graphic software. The high precision optical and color tools, advanced clarity and defogging settings, to save their default custom watermark to batch export photos – only 4MB volume retouching is little and dainty, and want a lightweight, flexible and strong design professional photography game player best graphic application, and by the photographer, students and professionals alike.

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