Life service APP products big contrast: space APP and hall guest APP

This week, the school gentleman to share with you is life service class APP, and is currently ranked top 2 Mobile APP contrast analysis.

The first APP products: APP 003.Empty, especially wonderful

Blank APP

1, the definition of space official website:

Blank APP is the largest personal entrepreneurship service platform in china. Mutual help transactions between people, let the skilled people to release their own talent. Here, you can play, chatting with the film escort, the sale of private kitchen delicacy, only you think, can also get rich at home.

It is a life service application developed by Hangzhou Da Da Network Technology Co., ltd..

Founder: former Ali man Tang Yongbo. Ali entrepreneurs.

Space APP official website address:

Let us feel the space is APP interface design and the official website interface design bar! It is worth our APP designer to learn and use for reference.


2, the definition of APPstore:

Space – Personalized hand-painted head, signature design, emotional decompression, manual customization, housekeeping laundry service APP.

And the latest version of the update description is very general, there is no injection of humanized description.

The latest function of the space APP is the online function of the grid. Worth experiencing.

APP store Download:


3, other media gives another interpretation:

App space is a app space app services in the field of life, show your skills: baking, flowers, wine, tea; write PPT, cut the video, copy writing, interview training; to accompany the elderly children, running errands, tutoring, help the dog; housekeeping, Manicure, massage service, private kitchen door.


The achievements of the space APP on line are as follows:

Product positioning space APP 2016: 033.

At the same time, in 2015 the “2015 Ali alumni entrepreneurship Langya standings” held in Hangzhou, blank APP won the “annual innovation company award””.

Zhejiang provincial science and Technology Department, B12 sponsored by “2015 Hangzhou annual innovation talent Festival” held in Hangzhou, founder of space APP and CEO Tang Yongbo won the “ten great innovation force” award.

Space, this product is winning or quite a lot?. In the user’s word of mouth is also pretty praise. At the same time, it has also attracted much attention in the investment circle.

In 2015 September: blank APP completed 100 million yuan A round of financing. This round of financing by the Germany capital lead investor, PCCW, CMB international capital with the cast.


Second APP products: APP guest hallAPP that everybody can buy and sell

Hall guest is a app that everybody can buy and sell service. Hall guest App can efficiently dock service providers and consumers. Service providers can easily introduce service through the guest room App, consumers can find the required service through the hall App. Hall guest is a app that everybody can buy and sell service.

Beijing hall guest Technology Co., Ltd. is a life service APP products.

Hall guest APP

Let’s take a look at the description of the guest on the APP store:

Hall guest – everyone can buy and sell enjoy skills! Get a part-time job on the line so you don’t have space in your life!

There is little space with APP with a countermeasure. Just 25 schools Xiaobian personal views. Not spray!

Hall guest APP in APP store is described, can be said to be perfect. Instead of using our usual practice. With the identity of the product manager and the tone of the characters, the author describes the APP which is full of emotion.

It’s more impressive than the description of the user’s love.

APP version iteration update. Even more incredible. Using the product manager’s role in a common office dialogue to tell the user updates, greatly stimulate the user’s desire to download updates.

Jun Jun thinks that the guest’s copy and script are perfect. But the APP interface design style is lacking.

Some netizens commented: now hall guest APP latest version of the design style a little biased space APP!

Hall guest website:

Hall guest is a platform created by the Internet entrepreneurs Lin Chao and Ma static to help high-quality freelancers realize personalized service transactions. Founder Lin Chao recently participated in Beijing TV’s “I’m a unicorn” column.

At the same time in 2015 APP 36 guest hall won the best experience sharing: krypton products, baidu mobile phone assistant Golden Bear award, won the best application of pea – selected application recommended.

At the same time, hall guest APP in December 2015 won tens of millions of RMB Pre-A round of financing, the current round of financing by real fund and heart yuan capital joint investment.

Hall guest APP this product is worth our study place is their online sharing meeting. That’s a good idea to activate users, to be active, and to have good ideas. The most active part of the hall guest APP is probably on the online sharing conference.


School gentleman summed up: these two life services APP products: space APP and hall guest APP are good app product reference case. A lot of places are worth learning. Such as space APP design, hall guest APP operation copy and so on.

This is just the initial view of our 25 school, but also need more details of the needs of users, players give a good dedication. Welcome to leave a message for us.


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