Interactive interface design wonderful APP product show: Jane book APP

This week, 25 schools recommend good works, but also interactive interface design wonderful APP product show: Jane book APP

Jane Shu APP

APP works: Jane Shu APP has always been committed to being the best writing and reading platform in the Chinese world, assembling the best creators and lovers of literature, precipitating and awakening the power of words in the noisy Internet era.

Jane is committed to providing the best sharing experience. A simple and elegant design, give users a pleasant feeling at the same time, the hitherto unknown; provide rich text, Markdown and other unique features, making the share exchange more convenient; cover and contain everything topics, makes it easier for users to find their favorite content, and good communication.

At the same time, Jane book APP won the 2015 ChinaBang best software design award, and many times get millet application store, pea pods, the most beautiful application and other official recommendation!  

This is one of the reasons for the recommendation of the 25 school old Tan children’s shoes. The interactive interface design, which is well recognized, is a great APP product.

Jane Shu APP2


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Here is a comment from a netizen: “as a summary of this article.”:

Actually, for each element, it is. In fact, the nature of the product itself, it has been positioning. A CRM platform, no matter what you do, his temperament will not be literature and art. The simple book itself is the content creation and display platform, so the community itself preferences determine his basic temperament. However, the attributes of community are defined by seed users, and the attributes of seed users are defined by the founding team. So derived, in fact, all the temperament is beginning to be doomed. Because of this, people will make this kind of product.

And the team such as Jane book, must pay attention to the design and vision, when the details accumulated to a certain extent, naturally become a unique temperament. So finally, visual or information structure or logical structure or will finally form a high degree of unity, let a person not easy to speak, but it is easy to perceive the atmosphere.

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