APP product show: a wizard for making resumes on mobile phones [minimalist APP]

Now the mobile APP users prefer to read some minimalist things, 25 schools also think that the more simple and delicate can be parallel, and to allow users to operate convenient and comfortable.

And what I’m talking about today is minimalism, not APP design. It’s not a minimalist phone. It’s a resume making artifact. Of course, its APP design style is also very minimalist.

After the year, again to the golden week of looking for jobs. At this point, you guys need to prepare a very perfect resume. So, the 25 school recommended the artifact for the easy resume of your mobile phone — minimalist APP.

The previous 25 schools also shared the resume template, three powerful online resume generation tools recommended


Introduction to minimalist APP:

Minimalism completely breaks the tradition, resumes the artifact, and reduces the overall, multidimensional, accurate, and temperature of you.

Minimalist APP

Minimalist APP is a APP that re invented your resume and made it very easy and interesting to make your resume.

Resumes need to be streamlined and bright enough for HR to see your resume in hundreds of resumes.

Minimalism is a resume production by App, 30 seconds of video Express (the built-in problem), you can know the people you admire the celebrity endorsement, have your views, your most successful a micro-blog made a simple resume quality.


The minimalist APP, enterprises can quickly and accurately find the talent you three match, in addition to the basic needs of people, we are more focused on the “find interesting people”. Here, everyone is different, flashing, you can use multidimensional dimensions to quantify yourself, prove yourself excellent. Here, you can also meet more real, fresh and talented people like you.

The main function of minimalist APP:

1, personal video interview: This is your own interview and talk show, through 30 seconds of short video, to show your views and style.
2, personal posters: with your own photos, slogan, skills and other people’s evaluation of you, easy to create a bright personal poster.

3, celebrity endorsement: from other people’s evaluation is often more worthy of reference, by sharing the link to WeChat, celebrity endorsement for you.

4, social media: in one page, integrated display of your achievements in micro-blog, know, watercress, WeChat public number.


Interested little partner, hurry up and download it!

Minimalist APP download address: Mt=8


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