APP product show: interface design simple and practical APP [nothing]

Today, 25 schools share with you some of the recommended designs, the more exquisite APP.

Design style is also difficult to see a kind of simple and generous wear and take collocation class electricity supplier social APP, the focus is male collocation is more, also easy to refer to. High practicability and beauty. It’s also a necessary APP for our group of APP designers to dress and match.



APP product introduction: Fashion collocation community, connecting all tasteful people

NOTHING is invited to fashion, wear platform, million whole network fashion boutique

Thousands of fashion bloggers participate in sharing taste, brand and purchase links

Rich style tags, pay attention to your favorite style, anytime and anywhere to get inspiration.

From Hangzhou Jian Jian Technology Co., Ltd. under the banner of a APP product.

25 school Xiaobian stand in the APP interface design angle to analyze this APP. The design is very elegant, concise, international APP. Elements rich in fashion. Let’s take a look at the next 2 nothing APP interface designs.

APP with dressing APP2 with dressing

Nothing APP, principal designer and founder of Aric from ali.

Former Ali MTEAM design leader

The core function design of “mobile phone Taobao”

Serve billions of dollars users

Continuous entrepreneur, has 8 years of Internet product design experience

Taobao Big pictures community 14 million fans blogger.

Operation mode of APP products:

NothingAPP products flagship mode (Fashion blogger), mobile terminal APP has been more perfect. For example, in terms of information structure, the current refined to the collocation, blogger, brand three latitude, while each picture of a single product on the corresponding TAG, but also more intuitive.

Nothing APP official website:


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