APP product show: two dimensional sprout sister welfare APP [MOE]

Today’s youth culture is the two dimension, dead houses are always empty, lonely and cold. A company with your daily life, in order to break the wall, to create two / three dimensional mixed new world as the goal. Today I recommend a cartoon APP for you.

This is a very good two dimension Meng sister welfare APP shared by the 25 schools to the vast number of adorable sisters.

Two dimension MOE sister welfare APP

“Adorable” poly is a specially prepared for the love of animation, love pudding, look adorable sister, beautiful figure, wallpaper, the two dimension ACG frenzy your library App, provide the latest high-definition picture gallery album adorable sister album Daquan, covering the strong woman, Lolita, handsome, kill GALGAME, die HD Wallpaper, and lovelive! God, sir, a package of King’s daughter, the mother ship (Collection High, School DxD fleet), Pixiv station, gentleman, discussion atmosphere, rich topic, as in the adorable poly App gallery.

Sprouting app

Sprouting app2

Meng gathers APP’s official website:

Meng poly – Animation sprouting map high-definition beautiful convergence — select Royal sister, MOE girl, kill the death of welfare APP.

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