Love APP and minimalist style recommend: dig beans

Today is the second APP product shared by the 25 school this week. Continue to share interesting, funny and funny APP with you.

Is also a high value image interactive community APP and a fun Yan value evaluation software.

Dig beans APP


APP Name: dig beans

Dig beans is a vibrant youth exclusive community, campus, funny, Yan control, gourmet, chasing drama, MOE and many other hot topics waiting for you to share with you. Digging beans is fun, no big V, as long as the topic is interesting enough, everyone can become the focus.

High value graphic interactive community APP

APP products come from: Xiamen zero summer Network Technology Co., Ltd. developed a APP product.

Product features:

Dynamic figure: a key operation flap map, simple way to share, let you instantly become the focus of the circle of friends
Right and left sliding: good content, right slide, TA point like, bad content left sliding, TA suddenly (Feng) slightly (SHA)
Map influence: intuitive display of your content influence, become the king of the topic.

Digging in the bean release state is very simple, click the middle column icon, select or create a topic, upload pictures and wanted to say, put you in the mood freeze. Using beans, you can also photograph and upload more interesting dynamic pictures, shoot funny moments of friends and so on.

The design style of APP products:

Contracted. APP interface design is very concise.


Dig bean official website:

Dig beans APP download experience address: Mt=8& ign-mpt=uo%3D4

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