APPstore screenshot beautification tool for Dummies: Brief Wrapper

Visually, if our APP screenshots in the Apple App store look pretty nice, the design is simple, very personalized, very useful, and contains the essential information you want, APP. It’s very attractive for a user to see such a screenshot of the desire to download the APP.

Today, 25 schools recommend a silly APPstore snapshot beautification tool for you:Brief Wrapper.


Brief Wrapper is a handy tool to provide screen snapshot beautification for Apple store application developers. Developers only need to choose their own snapshot of the screen, you can use the system template to generate a specific snapshot.

The size of the submission we include includes:

– 3.5 inches (640× 960)

– 4 inches (640× 1136)

– 4.7 inches (750× 1334)

– 5.5 inches (1242× 2208)

– iPhone 5S

6 – iPhone

6 – iPhone Plus

And different equipment includes Silver, Gold, Space Gray three different styles.

In addition, Brief Wrapper also provides a variety of feature templates for developers to choose, and are free of charge!

We have only one goal, to provide developers with the most convenient screen snapshot beautification services!

Want to try to understand the small partners: you can go to the Apple App Store download experience:

Https:// L=en& mt=8


In addition to recommend a long screenshot tool: iPhone APP interface cut length diagram artifact -Tailor

APP screenshot artifact

If you want screenshots on iPhone, you will generally use iPhone phone own screenshot function, but can only intercept the current screen. What if you want to capture an entire APP interface? So you need this artifact, -Tailor.

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