Gao Yan pictures share social APP products: bite me APP

In 2016, the 25 school will launch a brand new sub column: APP product show

APP product show: refers to the discovery and discovery of new APP design works, or has excellent APP product operation mode of APP products exhibition.

Today to share this APP Product Name: APP bite me is 90, 00 after the gospel

Bite me, APP

Since the June 2015 release on the line, known as a “high Yan bite me” picture house value social APP rapidly in a short time to attract a large number of fresh meat, the attention of Indoorsman fag hag goddess.

The film high yen value picture as the core, designed to show the love fashion love farming meat goddess, this market segment Indoorsman fag hag home social software, is “bite me” given its location.

At the same time, the collection of high quality pictures, sharing content selection and other classic type of resources as the core, into the beauty of life, according to fusion filter characteristics, add stickers, recording functions of life as a whole, to create exclusive range of children’s literature world for love life show the trend of youth.

The line for several months now has reached 100 thousand users, including membership, grass, campus Belle models and actors, Indoorsman, fag hag and other groups, in addition to a large number of unknown user groups.


Bite my APP part of the APP interface screenshot is as follows:


Yaowoo Yaowoo2


I bite my APP bite is a film with high value of collection and color pictures and video content selection, as the core, set Slide Show, filters, stickers and other friends, as a whole, brings together the high value Yan male god goddess Mito, sharing funny than video sharing community records. Biting me is a literary and artistic communication medium that gathers all kinds of high value people. It is also a platform for all kinds of goddesses, fresh meat and handsome boys to display themselves.

Bite me APP official website:

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