APP interactive design to do the first level bar APP case – MONO cat lane

25 schools in this good software should let more people know, whether it is a unique article push method and reading music articles, the details of the interface is very intimate. The ubiquitous details impressed me with the simplicity and beauty of the design.

MONO aims to provide cutting-edge and new cultural horizons for contemporary young people.


At the same time, the 25 school also believes that MONO is also the most cultural forced lattice of APP.

MONO cat’s official website:Http://


Today, after the experience of the old Tan students in the 25 school, it feels like a first-class bar! APP interactive design is really a bar APP case.


Here’s a review of the mobile APP interactive design gurus:

1., the visual sense of form is very strong, exquisite design, literature and art fresh, splashScreen amazing.

2. from the interaction, there is no major black spots, information architecture logic novel, smooth transition, interesting anti detention mechanism.

3., the lower right circular entrance user learning cost is slightly high, too obscure design easy to let users lose their sense of position, causing users to use logic confusion, a good solution is to add a left lower return Button.

4. refresh the logic need to be consistent, a APP at the same time up and down refresh the coexistence of logic, the user will feel puzzled.

5. on the details page, the return button is placed in the lower left corner of the page. It’s a very user-friendly setting.

6., when sharing the page, animation curve needs to be improved, the current animation appears stiff, MaterialDesign put forward a good solution to similar problems.

7. comparison of one from the content that one is relatively simple, but one content output is mainly PGC, Mono and PGC combined with UGC, compared with ONE and MONO content of dry cargo, more rich media.

8. from the perspective of product design for ONE and MONO are great APP, because of different segments of the population, ONE of the target population is more inclined to the literary youth, young artists ONE MONO tend; segments of the population into the relatively narrow MONO wide.

Mono APP


First, as a product person, I feel that mono’s interaction is great. You just need to slip and click all the time, and there’s a sense of resilience in the process of sliding, not too dry.

Second, mono has a large number of pictures, even when the picture can not be loaded, the priority display text, such as the first display of poetry, blurred pictures, so that the wait will not be too anxious.

Third, as a Wen Qing, I think his content may lack soul, for literature and art and literature, it seems empty, of course, the small poem is not bad.

If you guys are interested, you can focus on their micro-blog:

APP download address:

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