The card design of exploration and Linkedin is in use, how to give you a good experience?

&nbsp: Recently, more and more app began to use “card design”, such as the well-known high-end workplace community, Linkedin and Facebook.

How does this card design work to give us a good experience? AppSo (micro signal appsolution) brings you 5 practical principles and cases.

The card is a small, compact information box. In the interface design, to balance the aesthetic and usability of the interface, the card is basically a general choice. The design concept of cards was first used by Pinterest and Facebook, and now the use of cards has penetrated all walks of life.

Pinterest introduces the concept of card, which can basically incorporate all the information related to a topic into an information box.

If appropriate, cards can enhance the user experience of app. This article introduces the best practices of 5 card applications and provides relevant practical cases.

1. follow the principle of “one card one concept”

All the contents of a card can only be related to one topic. A card can contain a variety of elements, but it should mainly reflect the same kind of information or content. This makes it easier for users to choose what they like or want to share.

A module (or a card) contains a primary user interaction.

2. make sure the entire card is clickable

Follow the law of fize (Fitts Law s), to allow the user to click or touch any part of the card, not just text links or pictures. No matter in the mobile terminal touch screen, still need the mouse to operate the main desktop, with a relatively large area of contact area can greatly improve the usability of the card.

AppSo (micro signal appsolution) injection:

Fitz’s law is a very important rule in the field of human-computer interaction. The basic idea is that when a person moves the mouse pointer with a mouse, some of the features on the screen make it easy or difficult to click. The farther away the target is, the more difficult it is to arrive; the smaller the target, the harder it becomes.

Tip: it’s recommended to use a little shadow to show the depth, so that you know that the card is clickable.

Photograph: nngroup

3. ensure the visual enjoyment of cards

To say what kind of cards are successful, it must be a card with good design and usability. The cards are slightly polished and added a little aesthetic features, the cards will make people feel familiar, while creative.

Photo source: Piper Lawson

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