How to use the PS cutout? The 10 method can deal with most matting work!

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A forward with @ &nbsp: novice; as long as the master of this 10 methods, enough to deal with most of the matting work.


1, Eraser Tool

The eraser tool, more time with “matting” seemingly nothing, however, that it can play the role of “erase”, then it can be used for matting go back, its keyboard shortcuts are: single pressing a letter “e”, simply wipe the background or you don’t want the other part of the picture on it.


Eraser tool is easy to use, choose it, adjust the brush size and hardness, you can start wiping. However, the disadvantages are also obvious, it is difficult to do fine matting, the edge is not too good, but did not erase, the original was destroyed. This is not recommended, sir. It’s only a matter of understanding. It works well with the “layer mask”, and it looks good in the future.

Magic wand tool 2

In clear contrast images, such as the background is a typical solid color, “magic wand” tool is very easy to use, you can pick the background, delete it. Magic wand tools and quick selection tools are a group of tools. The shortcut keys are W, and can also be directly selected by the mouse, as shown in the following picture. Of course, at the time of selection, the magic wand tool, support multiple delete part, also support the increase of small selection part, methods are point, point, point.


3, quick selection tool

“Quick selection tool”, as the name suggests, is the choice of picture you want or you don’t want some fast “, by using the mouse to select the tools toolbar directly, or use the shortcut key” W “at the screen box can, at the same time, can be matched with brackets [or] to zoom brush the size of a more accurate selection box, as shown below:


A quick selection tool, which use the brush painting constituency

If the initial frame exceeds the desired picture range, you can press the Alt key while selecting the extra part, and then subtract them from the selected area, as shown in the following picture:


The +Alt key is subtract from selection

And if there are still not selected part of the initial frame, you can hold down the ah Shift key, and select the parts to add, you can add them to the constituency, as shown in the following operation:


The +Shift key is added to the constituency

4, polygon Lasso Tool

As the name suggests, “the Polygonal Lasso tool for weapon geometric rectilinear polygon screen used in it, the Lasso Tool Group toolbar, select, along the polygon edge” in the picture frame can be selected, and while holding down the Shift key, you can pull out to 45 degrees or 90 degrees the rules of linear, easy selection of square or triangle etc. have regular polygon, as shown in the following operation:


The selected pull this shape, the formal Polygonal Lasso Tool masterpiece

PS: you can use the “magnetic lasso tool” when you select a non linear profile, and PS will make it automatically fit the contours to make the selection, on the premise that the outline has a strong contrast with the background.

5, pen tool

Compared to only do draw a straight line constituency of the “Polygonal Lasso Tool”, “pen tool” is invincible, straight and smooth curves are its special skills, contour drawing path alignment. Strictly speaking, the use of it to do constituency, fine enough is high, but the reason is given Samsung ratings, mainly in the “good use index” on the pull points, pen entry and skilled need a lot of practice to master, the operation difficulty is higher than other tools. A recommended practice site, improve the pen proficiency in the game: “learning by playing! To help you easily grasp the pen tool of the game.”


A smooth curve drawing path selection, the pen tool at the most

After drawing a good path with the pen path, simply go to the path panel, rename the path as needed, and then press Ctrl and click the path layer to create the selection, as shown in the diagram below:


Ctrl+ click on the path, you can make a selection

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