Learn these 20 strokes PS operation skills, improve the work efficiency of 80%!

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1. rotate the canvas in the rotating view tool”

Spinning canvas is a command that is used in many design tasks. When used in the English input state, press the keyboard shortcut key “R” or “press the left toolbar hand tool” Popup option “view rotation tool”, then you can by clicking the left mouse button to rotate canvas.

If you want to go back to the original angle, just click the reset view in the options bar above”.

A rotation, and compass.

2. select the layer shortcut

For the keyboard party, there’s nothing like the shortcut keys in the PS operation. And when we choose layers, we often click on the mouse to manipulate. So, the layer by layer selection is actually a shortcut key, that is, press the Alt bracket and press the brackets [[or]]”.

The select layer of a coup

3. move the layer up and down quickly

In addition to select the layer, more time is actually to move layers, such as the selected layer to move up, and that this time, with a “shortcut key” is selected, you can use a mobile keyboard shortcuts, which is according to the case of Ctrl, and hold the brackets “[]” or “”.

Delta 2, 3 strokes with Bang Bang Da efficiency

4. fast switching image units

Through the “&gt view; ruler or press the keyboard shortcut” Ctrl+R “out of scale, and then click the right mouse button” ruler “line, which will pop up unit selection menu, including” pixels, inches, centimeters, millimeters, pike, percentage, you can directly choose.

The Ctrl+R scale shortcut keys

5. regret medicine: increase the number of revocation

“Step back” or “cancel step” is also very commonly used commands, the shortcut key Ctrl+Z is a step back, and want to step back is required by the “Ctrl+Shift+Z”, so we can only free to do so in operation, more regret can eat, can choose the menu edit &gt preferences; > performance panel to change the “numerical history”, the greater the number of back number, at the same time, will affect the performance of the processing speed, therefore, in the actual operation, according to the project and the computer can to set reasonable regret step number.

A larger number of more regret

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