From now on, do a LOGO designer, as long as the lovemaking struck three

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Oh, “ [—]” that’s the new LOGO of Ali cloud! Bridge bean sack, I hit it out? Isn’t this the first LOGO in the world that can be hit?! Of course, those who directly take Chinese and English as LOGO are excluded.

Otherwise, the following companies of the LOGO, you come to play?

Apple Corp LOGO

Bank of China LOGO


And those who write their code every day are programmers who are playing Ali’s LOGO every day! When you think it over, you will feel horrible.

It is reported that this is Ali cloud since its inception in 2009, the second update LOGO, the most familiar “ cloud ” LOGO has been used for nearly six years. New LOGO with a clear symbol design more clearly show Ali cloud “ in order to be unable to calculate the value of ” this idea, and Ali cloud internationalization strategy will also benefit from the replacement of Chinese “ cloud ” after the new LOGO.

The image of the new LOGO also includes a “ guarding ” action means Ali’s responsibility on the shoulder of the cloud, guarding every value that cannot be calculated.

So simple and beautiful LOGO, not only the similar products all love to use “ cloud ” material, but another bold attempt to &ldquo code; ” elements, became the first in the world can be hit out of the non Chinese / English words in LOGO, perfect the company culture at the same time, also secretly the formation of interaction with the target user. All right, this LOGO, I give full marks!

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