Pokemon Go icon tutorial! Teach you to draw a lovely snorlax Icon

Editor’s note: the software used in this article is Sketch, but the principle is interlinked, and can be done with PS.

I was sitting at my desk last night complaining about how Pokemon Go wasn’t open in Taiwan More than complaining, I found a Chinese designer, gsmike, working on Dribbble at the site of icon… Can’t help to do a snorlax version of Rebound, here to share with you a record / production process.


Because a lot of friends are asking about the production of this icon, so….. I hope this beast snorlax please to tell you that his production process:

Before you start, open your stereo / headphones, open this childhood memory, listen and do, will be able to understand the essence of the icon.

Step 1

First of all, snorlax need a background commensurate with the name

Bikabi card, card. (background: #BEE0D9 to #93B8AE)


Step 2

Snorlax need a plump body.

Bikabi card, card card than Bikabi. (gradual body: #F1DFB9 to #CDB098)


Step 3

Snorlax body needs more details.

In the shadow of Kirby kirby:


Cabi Cabi Cabi Be:


Step 4

Snorlax need round hand touch rounded belly.

Bikabi card, card card than Bikabi. (gradually arm, pay attention to direction: #42625C to #243935)


Bikabi added light card inner shadow (#819895, 70%) cabica stereoscopic kirbys:


Bikabi card, Kirby Kirby claws:


Cabi Cabi, Layer – Transform – Horizontal (Kirby copy arm):


The card is better than the card:


Step 5

Note that the snorlax head pattern.

Cabica Kirby, head of Kirby green card. (#56817A = #354A43)


Step 6

Snorlax fur not feel cold.

Bikabi card card Bikabi Maomao:


Card Bikabi plush material overlay 25% Bikabi transparent card card:


Step 7

Snorlax 1 expression.

The ratio of the card to the ratio of ~ –


Step 8

Snorlax want a little more real.

Cabica Kirby, head of Kirby bright kirby. (#FFFFFF to fully transparent)


Cabi Cabi!!!!!!


I believe that the goal is to become masters of Pocket Monster, this share should be able to digest it. Let’s move on to the path of master Pocket Monster. Say, Pokemon Go in the end when to open ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ah ah!!!!

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