Use Photoshop CC flame filter to make flame art font effects

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Use PSCC’s own flame filter to make a flame font effect.

The old rules are attached to the preview map:

1, first use Photoshop cc2015 to build a new black document, size can be set according to your own needs.

2, you need to use the text tool to input text, recommended to choose a relatively narrow font, lazy designer used here is Microsoft yahei.

3, right-click on the text layer, and select the create work path command.

4. Create a transparent layer by using the new icon of the new layer under the layer panel.

5. Close the eyes icon in front of the text layer and hide the text layer.

6, and then use the filter render flame command, if there is a path length of more than 3000 pixels warning dialog box, click ok.

7, in the flame filter set flame type is along the path of a number of flame, length, width and other values can be set according to the preferences of small partners, different settings will have different results, it is recommended that small partners can try several different settings.

8, accomplished!

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